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about me

All of my life, my family has referred to me as a "nomad".

An insatiable wanderlust, jobs, and studies have taken me all over the globe. Thanks to the influence a brilliant naturalist father who was an amateur archeologist, when I settle in one place for a while, my inclination is to familiarize myself with the indigenous people whose land I am occupying.

In Ojai, California, this land was mostly Chumash peoples. Educating people  that plant medicine growing in their landscape is sacred and still used by the original peoples of the area is part of my mission. Inspiring people to create their own healing rituals with herbs is the other. I want to encourage people to get curious about their own heritage while

learning about and respecting others.

Respect for the land, medicine, and people who have lived here long before it was taken from them is key. 

My mother has grown herbs in every house we've ever lived in. Her love of plants and their culinary usage was a touchstone for me all though-out my life no matter where I have roamed.

Giving back however you can is part of how we help and heal.

Each season, I will donate part of my proceeds to a local BIPOC community and highlight their work.

Beyond education and giving back, my passion is sharing my herbal creations with the world.

I believe that personal ritual is needed now more than ever. I have seen and experienced the healing power of these plants, and I hope to inspire others to find their own healing rituals and share them.

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